Business and Financial Services | Department/Alumni Spotlight

Iliana De Dios HR Operations Analyst | | (858) 246-2677 What is your job and what do you do? I am the HR Operations Analyst for the Business and Financial Services (BFS) Department. I handle all HR inquiries including student and staff recruitment, new hire orientations, Leave of Absence requests, ergonomic requests, consultations, etc. … Continue reading Business and Financial Services | Department/Alumni Spotlight

Arts & Humanities | Department Spotlight

Laura Martin Sr. Program Manager for the Dean of Arts & Humanities | What do you do?  Our office supports the entire Division of Arts & Humanities and the initiatives of Dean Cristina Della Coletta. Our department is very busy and dynamic, there is always something happening! I manage our Andrew W. Mellon Foundation … Continue reading Arts & Humanities | Department Spotlight

Information Technology Service Department Spotlight

Rashmi Umdekar HR Manager at Information Technology Service | If you find an opportunity to work in a department on-campus, whether it relates to your major or not, take advantage of it. Use the opportunity to network with professionals, sample different career choices, get valuable and practical career-related experiences, and exposure to the world … Continue reading Information Technology Service Department Spotlight

CARE @ SARC | Department Spotlight

Lana Talampas / (858) 534-5793 Training & Education Specialist at CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center Student workers are the backbone of our innovative prevention education! We do our best to create positive, inclusive, and empowering messages that will create a lasting impact on the campus community. We rely on our students to … Continue reading CARE @ SARC | Department Spotlight

UC San Diego Police Department Spotlight

Sergeant Manuel (Nel) Garcia | 858-822-1130 | UC San Diego Police Sergeant & Coordinator of the Community Service Officer Program The Community Service Officer (CSO) program is not just a student job. Aside from the competitive pay and mentoring, CSOs are offered many perks not usually provided to employees of the University. CSOs have … Continue reading UC San Diego Police Department Spotlight

HDH Spotlight

Carey Cumper Central Services Administrator Housing • Dining • Hospitality | 858-246-0395 | I am responsible for the recruiting, hiring, and orientation of student employees for placement in one of our 19 campus locations, including Residential Dining, Specialty Dining, Markets, Catering and two food trucks. Q: What role do student workers play within your department? … Continue reading HDH Spotlight

UCSD TRIO Outreach Programs Department Spotlight

Carri Fierro UCSD TRIO Outreach Programs, Director | (858) 822-3471 I am the Director of TRIO Outreach Programs and I manage the programs. TRIO Outreach Programs has been on campus since 1980, with the federal grant funding of Upward Bound. Today, there are five federal pre-college grant programs that fall under TRIO Outreach Programs. … Continue reading UCSD TRIO Outreach Programs Department Spotlight

UCSD Bookstore Department Spotlight

Carin Wallace UCSD Bookstore | 858-534-0116 I am the Payroll and Personnel Assistant in the Accounting Department of the UCSD Bookstore. I help interview students, set up interview appointments, handle timekeeping, and payroll for the entire Bookstore. I also post jobs for the various departments within the Bookstore, write job descriptions for the departments, … Continue reading UCSD Bookstore Department Spotlight