How can I use my work-study award off-campus? + WE’RE HIRING!

Many UC San Diego students receive federally funded work-study awards as part of their financial aid package.  The Career Center facilitates two work-study programs each year. These programs enable off-campus non-profit, governmental, community-based agencies and schools to hire students at a significant salary savings. The Non-Profit Partnership is federally funded by the government. These community … Continue reading How can I use my work-study award off-campus? + WE’RE HIRING!

Who is Student Employment?

Who is the Student Employment Office? The Student Employment Office is the Central Personnel Office for managing classification, compensation, polices, and employment relations for Casual/Restricted student employees on-campus. We connect students to on-campus employment opportunities which help prepare students for their future long term career goals. We assist approximately 170 on-campus departments in recruiting and … Continue reading Who is Student Employment?

Deductions to your paycheck over summer?

Every employer is responsible for taking federal payroll taxes out of employee’s compensation for Social Security and Medicare. DCP is a qualified retirement plan and is the university equivalent to FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). Students can be exempt from these taxes if they are registered for at least half-time (6 units at UCSD) AND … Continue reading Deductions to your paycheck over summer?