Alice Lee

President, Student Foundation

3rd Year | Warren College | Cognitive Science/Computer Science Major

Could you tell us more about yourself?

I am originally from South Korea, but I grew up mostly in the Bay Area (Cupertino). I can play 5 instruments and speak fluent Korean!

In case students do not know, could you explain what the Student Foundation is?

The Student Foundation is a student run organization on campus that raises money for student scholarships as well as other funds to support the student community, such as the Athletics department or the Triton Food Pantry. We try and promote the spirit of philanthropy amongst all Tritons, and we do this by hosting events throughout the entire school year to encourage students to support each other. My favorite thing is connecting with like-minded students who also feel passionate for supporting each other.

Why did you originally join the organization and why did you stick with it?

I originally joined because I recognized how important scholarships and philanthropy was for college students, and I stuck with it because I grew my passion for making sure that all my peers can access the same opportunities without worrying about their financial situations.

What are your long-term career goals? Is your current position in line with them?

In the long-term, I hope to eventually go to law school and practice criminal defense. My current position is in line with this goal in terms of why I am interested in both: I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities, whether it be within the justice system or during their college education.

Have you ever had a difficult or discouraging experience related to being a student worker and juggling co-curriculars in the past?

Being an IA, working, and also being involved in student organizations has definitely been challenging in terms of my time management and organization. I have had times where I suddenly had multiple deadlines to meet and overlapping responsibilities, but I managed to overcome them by taking a step back and rethinking my situation. I take some time to organize each and every responsibility that I have, and then I push myself to tackle each one, one at a time.

Final Advice?

I recommend getting involved in any and everything you’re interested in at the beginning of your college career and then picking a few to stick with for the rest of your time here. This way, you won’t regret missing out on something that you might really enjoy and want to spend more time participating in.

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