Christine Conde

Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Holdings |

What do you think students can do to best prepare themselves for future employment? 

Students should always research the companies that they are potentially interested in, and prepare a game plan for speaking with those companies at the fair. It’s great to have a good number of resumes on hand so that you don’t run out, especially when you meet a company that you end up liking after speaking with them. Come dressed in business professional attire because it shows how serious you are with landing a job, even before graduating. Perception is reality!

At job fairs, what is one common mistake students make? What is one thing that makes students stand out? 

One common mistake students make is approaching a company with no knowledge of what industry they are in or what positions they offer, that may be relevant to their job search. Again it goes back to doing a bit of research before-hand because it really impresses Recruiters or Talent Acquisition Managers like myself when you know why you are interested in working for our company.

Final thoughts? 

Be ready to talk a little bit about yourself in a short amount of time. Highlight what is relevant to what you are looking for in a career and ask us how we can best serve those needs. A great elevator pitch will allow you to stand out amongst all other job-seekers vying for that same job.

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