Laura Martin

Sr. Program Manager for the Dean of Arts & Humanities |

What do you do? 

Our office supports the entire Division of Arts & Humanities and the initiatives of Dean Cristina Della Coletta. Our department is very busy and dynamic, there is always something happening! I manage our Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant which is a collaborative program between the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) and the University of California, San Diego to help provide guidance to transfer students studying arts and humanities. I also supervise two employees and am the financial analyst in our office.

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

The people that I work with! They make stressful days manageable. We laugh every day and try to find the humor in every situation. I work with a group of people who are extremely hard-working, dedicated, and committed. I also like reviewing trends and identifying potential issues on our financial ledgers. As an English major, I am always surprised at how much I enjoy accounting.

What role do student workers play within your department? 

They bring fresh energy into our office! Watching them gain skills, confidence, and valuable work experience is rewarding for all of us. Our student employees work on a variety of projects including mentoring incoming transfer students, assisting at events in the division, doing outreach events at high schools & community colleges, and general office assistance. They also help us eat all of the leftover food from our events!

What can students gain or learn from working in your department?

Organization, time-management, and presentation skills. We have a very organized student lead who does all of the scheduling for all of the student employees. We have another student who is our media intern and assists with taking pictures at events and other promotional activities. We try to work with our student employees to see what they are interested in, and then give them opportunities based on that.

When hiring, what kind of experience or skills and qualifications are you looking for? 

When hiring anyone, I always want to know their story. The ability to articulate strengths is very important, as well as an open, approachable attitude. Student employees generally don’t have a lot of work experience yet, so the ability to communicate excitement and professionalism in a job interview is key to getting hired. We typically hire at the beginning of the school year. We have mentoring opportunities during the summer and will do the hiring for that in the Spring.

Final thoughts? 

Take advantage of as many opportunities as you can. Find mentors among students, faculty, and staff. Be open to different career paths. Upon graduating, work experience is as important as your college degree. Study abroad if you are able to!   

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