After graduation, employers will be looking for students who know how to utilize their talents, strengths, and interests. Within the job search, soft skills can be just as important as technical knowledge. That’s why working on-campus as a student worker isn’t “just a job”. Working on-campus can give you a basic skill set which can be applied to any job in the future. Take full advantage of your student worker experience!

Below are UC San Diego’s 12 Career Readiness Competencies which students should aspire to possess by the time they graduate. To help further reflect on your student worker experience and the 12 Career Competencies, check out the 2017-2018 Triton Career Guide: Finding Your True North.

  1. Critical thinking/problem solving: Identifies important problems and questions and gathers, analyzes, evaluates information from a variety of sources before forming a strategy, decision, or opinion.
  2. Research ability: Accesses and evaluates multiple sources of information, including text and images, and synthesizes information to solve problems and create new insights.
  3. Oral, written, & digital communication: Conveys meaning and responses to needs of diverse audiences through writing and speaking coherently and effectively, and develops the expression of ideas through written, oral and digital mediums.
  4. Teamwork/cross-cultural collaboration: Works with and seeks involvement from people and entities with diverse experiences towards a common goal, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, respect, and dignity for others.
  5. Understanding global context: Demonstrates an understanding of complex global issues and systems, and how issues and actions have local and global implications for the future.
  6. Leadership: Takes initiative, demonstrates effective decision making and informed risk taking, and motivates and encourages participation from others to work towards a shared purpose and vision.
  7. Professionalism/integrity: Demonstrates integrity, honesty, dependability and ethical responsibility, and accepts direction and personal accountability.
  8. Self-reflection: Assesses, articulates, and acknowledges personal skills and abilities, and learns from past experiences and feedback to gain new insights and understandings.
  9. Career development: Accesses information and opportunities for career exploration, and understands and articulates the importance of transferable skills in the job search process.
  10. Digital information fluency: Demonstrates technological literacy and skills, and ethically and effectively uses technology to communicate, problem-solve, and complete tasks.
  11. Civic engagement/social responsibility: Participates in service/volunteer activities characterized by reciprocity, engages in critical reflection, and appropriately challenges unfair and unjust behavior to make a positive difference in the community.
  12. Innovation/entrepreneurial thinking: Synthesizes existing ideas and concepts in innovative and creative ways to develop new ways of thinking or working, and engages in divergent thinking and risk taking.

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