Sarah ElSouri

Career Peer Educator | Fourth Year  

As a fourth year if I had to choose one skill that college has taught me it would be how to think critically. I’m an electrical engineering major so critical thinking is a huge skill we are taught. As well, because UC San Diego is so focused on research, everyone, including non-STEM majors, really get to develop these skills. No matter where you end up in the future, you will need critical thinking skills – so hone in on them now!

The best way to try to gain critical thinking skills is to get experience. Put yourself out there, talk to professors, and do your own research to find out what you are really interested in. Apply for jobs or internships and keep applying! As long as you don’t get discouraged, you’ll find something eventually.

This article originally appeared in the January 2017 Issue of the Triton Worker. 

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