Melody Moteabbed

Marketing Assistant at Jacobs School of Engineering

4th Year | Eleanor Roosevelt College | Political Science w/ Communications minor

I’m a marketing assistant at Institute for the Global Entrepreneur, with the von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center, at the Jacobs School of Engineering. Besides doing social media work for our programs and outreach to grad and undergrad students about upcoming events and workshops with industry leaders, I help create a monthly newsletter that goes out to over 10,000 contacts about what our office is doing. It’s really cool to see it all come together at the end, and having people actually read it is an awesome feeling!

Q: What is your favorite part of your job? A: Working at the von Liebig Center is really fascinating because all of the amazingly gifted and talented students who come in and want to get their projects on the market. Even though I’m specifically not looking to be an entrepreneur, it’s so cool meeting people who are so extremely passionate in what they do, especially when it’s about what they want to do to help make the world a better place.

Q: How did you find out about your current job? A: I found out about this job through a friend who also works at the Jacobs School. They recommended I apply because it was a marketing and social media type of job, which is something I’d like to do and it’s something I’ve had a lot of experience in from internships. Before this, I was Provost Evans’s intern at Eleanor Roosevelt College, doing event operations and outreach for the Provost Office’s programs.

Q: Is this job in line with your career goals? A: I’m looking to pursue Public Relations, so this job is teaching me a lot in how to brand and showcase a company, to fully get its name out there, and to be able to create and maintain relationships with contacts and potential supporters. There’s marketing in that too, so the social media marketing and digital outreach in my current job will definitely help me in the future. There’s also a lot of writing involved — I often write at least two of the four major articles in our newsletters.

Final advice? Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t set yourself up with unrealistically high expectations about how your first job should feel like. Your first job may not be the greatest for your goals! But it should at least keep you interested and you should always be learning, always looking for ways to stand out.

Do you have an awesome on-campus job? Do you love what you do and want to share your experiences with other students? If so, contact us and you may be spotlighted in future newsletters!

This article originally appeared in the February 2017 Issue of the Triton Worker. 

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