Nick Vacchio

Lead House Manager for University Centers Operations

Fourth Year | Eleanor Roosevelt College | Communication w/ Business Minor

During my first year of college I served as a Branch Manager in an internship with College Works Painting. After working there for seven months I was fired. This was a major blow to my pride but it served as a positive learning lesson. When I headed back for my second year, one of my main priorities was to find a job. It took me until spring quarter, but I finally landed a job with University Centers as a House Manager and I have been here ever since. University Centers serves as the manpower behind all of the room setups throughout Price Center, Student Services Center, and Old Student Center. From logistical planning and coordination, to technical troubleshooting, custodial duties and customer service interactions, we handle it all. As a Lead, I play a larger role in making sure that tasks are completed satisfactorily.

Q: What is the favorite part of your job? A: Besides using walkie-talkies and driving around campus in a golf cart, my favorite part of the job is problem solving. It is always an engaging and rewarding undertaking to figure out the best way to solve a problem, especially when a shift gets busy and decisions are needed to be made both quickly and accurately. Additionally, having coworkers who you can freely joke around with makes work feel less like actual work and is definitely something that I greatly appreciate about my job.

Q: Is this job in line with your career goals? A: Though I am not quite sure yet which career route I intend to pursue, this job is certainly in line with my career goals. Leadership experience, strong communication skills, the ability to manage time effectively and work well among a diverse staff of coworkers are all skills that employers, regardless of the particular field, would love to have on their team.

Q: Do you have advice for students who are looking for jobs? A: Ask your friends how they got their jobs and if their departments are currently hiring. It is always a plus to work with your friends. Search Port Triton, visit the Career Center, or check out the Student Employment Office. If you are looking for something more career focused and specific to your major, talk to your professors and TAs or go visit an advisor.

Q: Final advice? A: Don’t worry too much if you lack significant past work experience. Be confident in what you have accomplished. Being personable and eager to learn can get you much farther than you might initially assume. Finally, the sooner you get involved on campus, the more time you will have to enjoy your experience at UCSD. Join a sports club, student organization, Greek life, or try to find a job. It will make your college experience here that much better.

Do you have an awesome on-campus job? Do you love what you do and want to share your experiences with other students? If so, contact us and you may be spotlighted in future newsletters!

This article originally appeared in the November 2016 Issue of the Triton Worker. 

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