Liana Lei

Career Peer Educator | Career Center

Management Science Major | 3rd Year | Marshall College


I help students with their resume critique, mock interviews and better equip them with potential career related challenges. What makes my job unique is that we help students coming from different backgrounds and they are searching for all kinds of career paths.

Q: Did you have prior work experience? A: I had two internships over the summer. Earlier this year, I also worked at Telephone Outreach Program on campus as a student caller, reaching out to alumni, building up rapport and raising money for the school.

Q: How has your job helped you? What skills have you learned? A: I learnt how to listen and quickly catch the important information to assist others more efficiently and effectively. And I improved my team work skill sets.

Q: What have you gained from working at your current job? A: I received two job offers from my dream companies and signed one of the 2017 fulltime offer with Deloitte. I believe that my current career educator job greatly helped me through the recruiting process because I developed a comprehensive understanding for how to prepare to interview and how to present myself more professionally.

Q: What advice do you have for fellow students? A: Always ask questions and do not be afraid of making mistakes because that’s the quickest way to learn and improve. Don’t be discouraged by failures because they are only temporary and see them as great opportunities to grow and improve. It is always better to start early and plan your goals in each stage of your college life. Remember to take initiative and reach out to professionals. The more you talk to them, the more working experience you have, the more ready you are for the recruiting process.

Do you have an awesome on campus job? Do you love what you do and want to share your experiences with other students? If so, contact us and you may be spotlighted in future newsletters!

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 Issue of the Triton Worker. 

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